SES WORLD SKIES at Satellite 2011

SES President and CEO Romain Bausch offered up his view during a discussion among leaders of the big four satellite operators that focused on the next 30 years. Bausch sees a “brilliant future for satellite” driven in part by exciting advancements in HD. “In ten years, the reality will be Ultra HD, which requires sixteen times the capacity of today’s HD channels,” Bausch told the standing-room-only audience.

“In ten years, the reality will be Ultra HD, which requires sixteen times the capacity of today’s HD channels”Romain Bausch, President and CEO of SES

“That’s very good news for satellite operators,” he added, noting satellite’s complementary role in the delivery of telco services is a major growth opportunity that will keep satellite keenly relevant in a future of increasingly smart applications and devices. He also highlighted the capabilities of O3b, “a constellation where we can provide real flexible fiber in the sky anywhere across the emerging markets,” said Bausch.

SES WORLD SKIES CTO Alan Young and VP of Market Development Steve Corda see a very promising future for 3DTV. Both are heavily involved in the company’s successful 3DTV trials, which move into their second phase this week with an invitation to 3D content producers to bring their programming to the end-to-end transmission platform for an in-depth review.

Blue chip networks, content producers, infrastructure technology providers and 3DTV television set makers participating in the trials have already reaped valuable insight during the initial phase of the first-of-its-kind collaboration. SES WORLD SKIES is hosting the test platform and studying results at an advanced lab at the company’s U.S. headquarters in Princeton, which is linked to an uplink facility in nearby Vernon Valley, New Jersey.

“We have opened the 3DTV test platform to content producers from across the industry,” said Young. “We will see the effects of the transmission and distribution chain on their programming, as we delve further into 720p versus 1080p and top/bottom versus side-by-side sources and move beyond frame compatible to emerging technologies,” Young added.

“We’re testing multiple types of 3D televisions, content, encoders and compression configurations to uncover the successful combinations and any potential issues that could cause degradation of the on-screen product,” explained Corda. “We’re finding that while most 3D content looks great in the studio, it may fall short of a quality viewing experience if it’s not transmitted effectively.”

SES WORLD SKIES is also making a number of press announcements at Satellite 2011, including a two-transponder capacity agreement with Axesat aimed at meeting escalating corporate service demand across Latin America and the Caribbean. To support the company’s ambitious fleet expansion plans, SES announced the launch agreements for SES-6 and SES-8. ILS Proton will launch SES-6 while Falcon 9 rocket by SpaceX will take SES-8 into orbit.

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