SES WORLD SKIES satellite connectivity - a perfect fit for oil and gas exploration!

“Satellite is the only technology capable of delivering the un-tethered flexibility and reach that is absolutely mission critical to the oil and gas industry.”Scott Sprague, SVP of Global Sales, SES WORLD SKIES

 SES WORLD SKIES’ SES-4 and SES-6 satellites, slated for launch in 2011 and 2013 respectively, offer advanced capabilities and broad coverage of the Atlantic Ocean aimed at providing communications services to ships, rigs and aircraft. Other advanced satellites, such as NSS-7, NSS-5 and NSS-703, cover a wide stretch of oil-rich regions – from the Gulf of Mexico to the Campos Basin in Brazil.

 “SES WORLD SKIES satellites are delivering everything from exploration data from the ocean depths to the phone, broadband and television news, sports and entertainment services that keep ship and rig crew members happy and in touch with colleagues, family and friends,” Sprague says.


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