GVF - HTS Round table 2016

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HTS London 2016 Roundtable: 06 Dec 2016
06 Dec 2016

London, UK

The HTS London 2016 Roundtable will take placed the December 6th at Strand Palace, 372 Strand.

Across a keynote opening address and four themed panel sessions, this event will explore in depth the ongoing evolution in the underpinning business and market economics of HTS. As in a forum HTS trends and companies will be examined, focusing on a range of specific analyses on the HTS ecosystem, on the emerging of the threats and opportunities for re-sellers in the value chain; on the technology shifts in the ground segment; and, mobility as the core revolutionary dynamic in today’s broadband satcoms.

This will reveal how this exciting new chapter in satellite communications continues to rewrite the way that applications are delivered in the world today.

Join SES to learn more about High Throughput Satellite (HTS).


Simon Gatty-Saunt
Regional Vice President Sales
Data & Mobility Services Europe

Thursday December 6th
Strand Palace, 372 Strand.