ATEME is showing HIGH VQ ENCODING with best efficiency in all formats SD/HD/UHD and for all codecs MPEG2/H264/HEVC. ATEME researches and develops all core encoding algorithms in-house.

Ateme received the 2016 NAB Technology Innovation Award for its innovative work in the araeas of UHDTV HDR and HFR. ATEME solutions support HDR10, HLG, Technicolor, Dolby Vision.

Contact: Jean-Christophe Pineault


DMT - Deseo: Best UHD Solution

DMT is demonstrating an innovative solution called Deseo which turns a PayTV operator HD STB into a UHD solution. UHD TV sales are skyrocketing while payTV operators are under tremendous pressure with capex spending. Deseo can help payTV operators to minimize capex spending by upgrading existing HD STBs into a UHD solution with transparent user experience.

Come and see how DMT helped the biggest operator in South America to deploy a UHD solution in 4 months.

Contact: Hyung Lim


Geniatech - Sat>IP Server with MultiPVR, MultiScreen Client, EPG

Genaitech is showing a Sat>IP Server with MultiPVR, MultiScreen Client / EPG Hybrid Integration on Apple TV (tvOS), iPhone/iPad (iOS), Android (mobile), Android (Amazon Fire TV Box / Stick, Android (Google Nexus), Mac (OSX), PC Windows (Quad Sat>IP Server/Dual Sat>IP Server.

Contact: Mike Decker


Global Invacom - dSCR Fibre Optics

Global Invacom is showing the next generation dSCR fibre optic distribution products offering a convenient way to enable connected homes with dSCR technology.  Global Invacom will be showcasing products for new installations & for upgrading existing satellite distribution infrastructure to dSCR.

Contact: Lee Allen

GT-Sat International - Pioneer in dCSS technology devices

GT-Sat will demonstrate its latest cutting-edge technological development: digital dCSS LNB and multiswitch, capable of independently supplying multiple satellite signal to 32 receivers at the same time, using a single coax cable. This shows the strength and ease of use of the digital channel stacking technology. Experience multi-STB HD/SD reception on the TV screen, supplied with one LNB or multiswitch, working in dynamic (EN50494, EN50607, dHello) or static mode.

Contact: Wojtek Mazur

Hisilicon - 4Kp60 Dolby Vision with HiSilicon

Hisilicon will demonstrate its UHD VS10 Low Consumption STB chip:

The Hi3798CV200 is the lowest consumption chip in the STB market, designed to decrease overall STB complexity, and still offering the best video quality!

  • First chip in the HiSilicon UHD series culminating at 8K.

  • Dolby Vision (VS10), HDR10, HLG, optional display post-processing, HD H264 encode, 4K HEVC to HD H264 transcode, HEVC & VP9.

  • 4K Hardware Watermarking ; Optional MS12.

  • 4x ARM A53 CPUs, >15K DMIPS, Powerful MaliT720 GPU.

Contact: Jean-Pierre Morard


I DO IT - Live demonstration of SELFSAT IP PRO-Antenna for 32 users

The SELFSAT IP PRO Flat antenna is the world’s first antenna using SAT>IP technology to support up to 32 smart devices with an extra PoE port for IoT application.

  • SELFSAT IP PRO antenna supports distributing full channels of HD & UHD satellite broadcasting through SAT>IP protocol.

  • One SELFSAT IP PRO Antenna can serve up to 32 different mobile devices.

  • SELFSAT IP PRO-Antenna supplies power to external applications such as CCTV or AP and imports application data to the internal router so users can access applications from their smart device.

Contact: Jaeho Ko

FTA Communication Technologies - Inverto’s Unicable2 (dCSS) and SAT>IP Products and Apps

Live demonstration of digital channel stacking ODU products with up to 32 User Bands supporting up to 32 tuners over a single Coax. Designs based on all three major IC platforms from MaxLinear, Entropic and Broadcom. An EN50607-compliant Switch with a single dCSS output port and a 3-way splitter to connect: (i) a SAT>IP Server (4 tuners) and (ii) two EN50607-compliant HD+ Hybrid STBs. In this live demo configuration we demonstrate both dCSS and SAT>IP technologies in one demonstration.

Other products that we will showcase (on shelves/vitrine) are: IP LNB, Cable>IP, dCSS (EN50607) LNBs and Switches and Flat antenna with IP LNB.

Contact: Yannick Laperche


LG Electronics - HLG HDR Live Satellite Transmission on LG OLED

LG will show its latest generation OLED displays in combination with a live satellite transmission of HLG formatted content. This demo is the result of a collaboration between BBC R&D (HLG encoding), LG (HDR content and OLED displays) and SES ASTRA (live satellite transmission).

Contact: Flora Bokyung Kang


Newtec - Mx-DMA®, On-Demand & Efficient Bandwidth Allocation

Newtec is showcasing a comparison of SCPC vs MF-TDMA vs Mx-DMA®, where the interested visitor can see “dancing carriers” and the dynamic, on-demand bandwidth allocation of Mx-DMA. Newtec’s unique return link technology – Mx-DMA, or Cross-Dimensional Multiple Access – enables services to run more efficiently and reliably over satellite by combining the best features of MF-TDMA and SCPC technologies.

Contact: Kerstin Roost

ProBrand International - Digital MDU LNBF optimisation for Operators

ProBrand International have found that most deployment plans for digital LNBF are not dynamic but fixed outputs. These LNBF are typically replacing a stacked LNBF (multiple oscillator designs) and have to work within existing systems. In order to get the best error free reception, there are steps that can be taken at the outset of setting up the LNBF in firmware for best optimized signals and software to allow simplified reprogramming. The ProBrand demonstration will show how optimisation decisions can benefit the MDU system performance and prepare for UHD transponders.

Contact: Derek Grice

Philips - Technicolor / Philips Advanced HDR distribution

Technicolor / Philips show their joint solution for Advanced HDR distribution on a single layer SDR compatible video stream.

Contact: Guy Ducos


Rohde & Schwarz - DVB-S2/S2X and DVB-S2X channel bonding

Test setup with DVB-S2/S2X real time signal generation for professional and broadcast satellite applications:

Simulation of the complete transmission link for uplink and downlink and environmental conditions for IMUX / OMUX, AWGN, phase noise and complex interference scenarios of satellite and cellular signals as well as a DVB-CID generation.  In addition a DVB-S2/S2X 500MHz wideband transponder / multi transponder signal generation with DVB-S2X channel bonding. Demodulation and analysis of transmitted satellite signals is shown on the high end spectrum analyzer R&S FSW also for DVB-S2X signals with MODCODs up to 256 APSK.

Contact: Ralph Kirchhoff

SatixFy - High Throughput Satellite VSAT modem demonstration

Demonstration of a DVB-S2X 256APSK modulated transponder based on SX-3000, first industry S2X System on Chip. Compliant with the most advanced standards (DVB-S2X/DVB-RCS2, Annex E, Annex M, VLSNR), the SX-3000 is a Software Defined Radio, ideal for VSAT modem, IoT and Hub applications.

Contact: Thierry Abraham


Demonstration of a tvOS application for SAT>IP and an open source SAT>IP client SDK.

Contact: Neill Henderson

SES - VR 360 Experience

Experience the current state of VR 360 technology. Put on the Samsung Gear VR powered by Oculus. Look at various types of experimental VR 360 content produced by leading broadcasters. Understand why VR 360 provides the potential for a completely new televisual experience. Discuss VR 360's potential role in broadcasting and the technology that will be required.

Contact: Tom Christophory

T-21 / MediaChoice - HEVC - Big Frame - Low Data Rates

Broadcast quality stream and file based High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) decode, transcode and turnaround solutions. Primarily focused on 4k Ultra HD (UHD) applications, additional support for AVC and MPEG2 compressed bit streams. Live streaming via UDP, RTP, RTSP, TCP, and DASH. ZIXI support.

Contact: Hansgeorg Lichte

TARA Systems - Sat>IP on Google Nexus Player,  Amazon Fire TV 4K and Apple TV

Using SAT>IP TaraSystems demonstrates Live Broadcast TV on the latest generation media players from Google, Amazon and Apple.

  • Google's Nexus Player using Android TV

  • Amazon Fire TV 2

  • Apple TV 4th generation

Contact: Stefan Schoefmann


Triax - Second generation SAT>IP LNB

See the newest technology used live to bring Satellite TV on multiple devices. TRIAX present the certified and proven to work 8 user Full band SAT>IP LNB.

Contact: Michael Friis


UNITRON - Digital SCR products

UnitronGroup offers a wide range of multiswitches with integrated digital Single Cable Router (dSCR) technology. With our family of multiswitches, you can connect multiple set-top boxes (STBs) for multi-room and multi-screen applications to numerous satellites using one coax cable only.

Contact: Joris Goemaere


WORK Microwave  - Wideband IP

WORK Microwave demonstrates an IP Wideband Modulator and a new IP Wideband Demodulator, ideal for High Throughput Satellites. The demodulator includes demodulator core technology from FhG IIS. The DVB-S2X Super-Frame Format 4, flexible format with low SNR support is used. The maximum symbol rate is 400 MS/s, the maximum throughput is appr. 2 Gbps. The work has been partly funded by ESA. Point-to-Multipoint links, Time-slicing and virtual transponder schemes are supported. The new DVB-S2X AX-60 IP Modem with a symbol rate range coverage up to 75 MS/s will also be on display.

Contact: Dr. Gerhard Mocker


Zinwell Corporation - Zinwell SAT>IP & dCSS Solutions

Zinwell has been dedicated to SAT>IP development since the beginning when the protocol was established. As one of the pioneers, several innovative SAT>IP solutions are offered from Zinwell:

High Performance Multiple Tuner SAT>IP Server

  • 4K UHD Headed solution

Support dCSS Single Cable and Wideband Input

Support DiSEqC 1.X/2.X and EN50494/50607 standard

SAT>IP Client STB with CI+

  • iOS and Android SAT>IP Client App

  • Apple TV SAT>IP Client App

Contact: Wen-Feng Tsai