SATMED – Improving access to e-health

SATMED is a high quality e-health platform which allows multiple medical applications and tools to operate together on a single platform, which is led by the Luxembourg government.  Through its connection to the platform, site-independent satellite internet connectivity can be established worldwide, providing humanitarian aid in rural and poorly connected areas.

The single-access integration provided by SATMED represents a breakthrough in user-friendliness and interoperability between the different tools that together cover a wide range of applications such as e-health records and picture archive, e-consultancy, e-learning, e-group and content management tools, e-surveillance and e-health financing. These tools are also combined with modern videoconferencing applications.

Consequently, many of the obstacles currently associated with the e-health environment, including poor connectivity, lack of Interoperability between applications and economic factors, such as the cost of deployment and implementation, are overcome by SATMED, enabling health care providers to make better use of health IT and e/m-health solutions in emerging countries and resource-poor areas, in particular in development and humanitarian operations.

SATMED is tailored to the needs of the global health community, with users including non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and governmental organizations, hospitals, medical universities and global health institutions. The platform features the active involvement of well-known NGOs, medical universities and hospitals from Europe, Asia and Africa, including:

  • ArcheMed
  • Friendship
  • German Doctors
  • Fondation Follerreau
  • The European ESTHER alliances
  • Médecins Sans Frontiéres

Key benefits:

  • A single log-in provides access to a complete range of e-health applications: e-care (consultancy, patient record, PACS), e-learning, e-health management and financing.
  • Cloud services supporting data management and data backup needs.
  • Satellite-enhanced internet service for areas with no terrestrial connectivity.


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