Network and Mission Operation Centers

We have extensive experience in the design and installation of reliable, high-performance Network Operation Centers for television broadcasters and VSAT satellite communication missions in civil and military applications. These centers monitor 24/7 the quality of signals transmitted to and received from the satellite and takes measurements in case the carrier frequency and power, the modulation or the coding are not as contractually agreed.

From this experience, we are able to specify, design, build, validate and operate Network Operation Centers for other satellite operators or major users in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Examples of past success stories include Network Operation Centers in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa and South Africa and the Middle-East.

Key benefits:

  • Cost-effective, high-performance and reliable satellite Network Operation Centers for television satellite internet and VSAT applications
  • ISO-qualified process to build, document and deliver on time and within budget
  • Design experience using equipment from major antenna, RF, video and network manufacturers
  • Installation experience in difficult environments, including polar, humid equatorial, dry desert, corrosive oceanic etc.
  • Connection to various types of terrestrial contribution networks
  • Interface to diverse video playouts and satellite uplinks