Satellite Communications for M2M Data Transfers

Based on its broadband technology, a completely satellite-based broadband service platform, SES Techcom Services offers a highly reliable and low-cost professional solution to implement SCADA applications for industry customers.

The term SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) refers to centralized systems which manage, monitor and control assets or processes and transfer data to a group of widespread recipients. Typical industrial environments for SCADA applications are the energy, oil and gas and security sectors, where production or operation sites are usually decentralized. To guarantee a constant data flow within the operations network, these industries need a solid communications system which they can rely on at all times.

With many of the production or operation sites located in non-metropolitan areas without an extensive terrestrial communications network, though, companies are often faced with financial and infrastructural burdens when it comes to implementing SCADA applications. Bi-directional satellite technology is an ideal solution as it provides a cost-effective communications alternative which allows SCADA networks to be set up in remote areas.

Thanks to the satellite connection provided by SES Techcom Services, companies are able to use alternative Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications platforms to control and transfer their data, even in regions without terrestrial broadband networks. The service provides a highly reliable and cost-efficient communications link for end customers, without the need for large investment in broadband infrastructures.

Key features/benefits:

  • A low-cost, flexible and easily scalable solution
  • High reliability and efficient bandwidth utilization
  • The ability to connect remotely located sites
  • No infrastructure investment required
  • Quick deployment and provisioning