SES Techcom Services has a broad spectrum of expertise in the satellite communications industry, covering both ground and space segments.

In the space segment, we are involved from start to finish, defining and specifying satellite requirements for new and existing systems. Customers benefit from our many years of  experience in satellite design specification, negotiation and procurement. We also provide additional services such as satellite operations and management. SES' highly reliable fleet of more than 50 satellites is testament to our expertise.

In the ground segment, we cover everything from design to implementation. Our expertise in ground segment engineering means we can assist with the design of antennas and teleports, as well as operations and control centers. We also provide support in connection with license applications, frequency coordination and other regulatory issues. Our global network of satellite earth stations provides unsurpassed connectivity.

We provide consultancy and support from the initial specification to the final completion of projects. Our services include:

  • Definition and specification: We support the whole process of teleport building from gathering requirements through to negotiations with architects and suppliers as well as final implementation.
  • Tender preparation support: We frequently participate in projects with international teams of the highest caliber, preparing and supporting tenders for projects we deliver.
  • Procurement and follow-up: We procure, implement, manage and maintain facilities all over the world from Antarctica to Africa.
  • Program and project management: SES Techcom Services is ISO9000 certified and fully conversant with international standards for project management and documentation (for example: ESA's ECSS standards, EC' procurement standards, WGS and NATO).
  • System Engineering: Our expertise in ground segment engineering means we can assist with the design of teleports, operations centers, control centers and antennas.
  • Trainings: We offer a vast portfolio of customizable training sessions for customers specializing in satellite communications. From week-long introductory sessions to specialist hands-on training, SES Techcom Services can provide input on a variety of topics, from satellite technology to spectrum management.

Examples of partners and the respective projects are:

  • ESA: Ground Stations for the European Data Relay System (EDRS Ground Stations) and Full Motion C-Band IOT Antenna for Galileo In-Orbit Validation (IOV)
  • EC: VSAT Network for the Galileo Data Distribution Network (GDDN)
  • NATO: NATO Alliance Ground Surveillance Management Agency (NAGSMA)
  • NATO/US: Wideband Global Satcom (WGS)