Maritime services

Maritime Services

For the commercial and leisure shipping market, providing connectivity out at sea is understandably a complex operation – but also a vital one for essential day-to-day operations and crew well-being. That’s why we have leveraged our technical skills and knowledge to provide low-cost satellite-based broadband connectivity to the maritime market.

Developed specifically for the shipping industry, our solution marketed by our airtime providers delivers high speed internet access which enables download rates of up to 8 Mbit/s, low cost VOIP, data transfer, emailing and web browsing. A reliable and consistent connection is ensured through an in-motion stabilized tracking antenna, measuring from 60 cm in diameter.

The solution is ideal for short sea commercial vessels, including ferries, fishing vessels and cargo carriers, operating at sea and on in-land waterways, yachts and other leisure craft.  Currently the service is available throughout European waters, the Middle East region and Sub-Saharan Africa.

As well as being able to bring their crew all the advantages of high speed on-demand internet, customers choosing this service will also benefit from reduced investment costs, when compared to alternative conventional maritime solutions.

Service distribution

We work with service providers and established antenna manufacturers to deliver the best value service to maritime customers. In partnership with our maritime airtime provider GTMaritime and EPAK, the service is marketed as Powered by Astra Connect with a range of tailored, fixed rate monthly packages, including the options of hardware, software, installation and 24/7 support.

Maritime equipment

Our system uses a dedicated maritime terminal and a satellite modem to connect on-board PCs or networks to the internet. The radome-enclosed motorized and stabilized dish provides both reception and transmission and automatically aligns and locks onto our satellites, maintaining the connection even when vessels are travelling  maneuvering, rolling or pitching. The cutting-edge tracking antenna and the compact below-deck equipment are fitted by authorized marine installers.

Key features

  • Up to 8 Mbit/s high speed internet access
  • Broadband and hardware for one low monthly fee
  • Antenna from 60 cm in diameter
  • Dedicated maritime solution
  • Keep passengers, guests and crew in touch with home and office
  • Continuous connection
  • 24/7 365 operations and support guaranteed by the service provider
  • Expert installation

Supported Applications

  • Internet access
  • Email and data transfers
  • Web surfing
  • VOIP
  • VPN security
  • Multicasting
  • On-demand

Typical users

  • Merchant and offshore ships
  • Supplier ships
  • Fishing ships
  • Luxury yachts
  • Leisure boats
  • Cargo carriers operating at sea and in-land waterways