Disaster Response Communications

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emergency.lu is a global multi-layer platform for the international humanitarian community, that aims to improve the worldwide preparedness and rapid response capacity by filling the communication gap in the first hours and days after a disaster.

When a natural disaster hits, it is vital that those sourcing help and information or trying to contact relatives can communicate efficiently. But with terrestrial services often ending up damaged or faulty in the aftermath, or becoming overloaded from people trying to phone for help or to make sure loved ones are safe, providing a connection with the rest of the world is often a difficult and lengthy process.

This is where emergency.lu comes in. Since emergency.lu is a multi-layer platform consisting of satellite infrastructure and capacity, communication and coordination services, satellite ground terminals for rapid as well as long-term deployment and transportation of equipment to the disaster area within the first 12 to 20 hours, it can restore communication quickly and thus enable efficient rescue efforts.

The 24/7 basis of the emergency.lu platform is an innovative end-to-end service for the international humanitarian community. This pioneering platform has improved the effectiveness of rapid response.

emergency.lu is a public-private partnership between the Luxembourg government and three Luxembourg-based companies.  SES Techcom Services designs and operates the platform together with Hitec Luxembourg and Luxembourg Air Ambulance. When it comes to satellite capacity and ground infrastructure, emergency.lu relies on SES to re-establish communications networks in support of humanitarian relief operations.

emergency.lu is provided as a public good by Luxembourg government and is working in close collaboration with the UN World Food Programme (WFP) as global lead of the Emergency Telecommunications Cluster (ETC) and the European Union. Further partnerships exist with UNHCR, UNICEF and Ericsson Response.

With emergency.lu, which is unique in flexibility and performance, the effectiveness of rapid response for disaster preparedness and humanitarian relief operations is vastly improved.

Key Benefits:

  • Complementary solution to the international humanitarian tool-box
  • Stand-by response capacity
  • End-to-end services adapted to the requirements of the international humanitarian community
  • Coverage of entire service chain including air, transport, satellite infrastructure, terminals and services
  • Pre-booked and ad-hoc satellite capacity