Satellite operational services

Satellite Operational Services

To rapidly integrate any satellite into any fleet, you need an in-depth understanding of satellite operations and related control systems. SES Techcom Services has 25 years of experience and offers customers the benefit of this expertise.

We provide reliable and cost-effective operations from both of our operational sites in Redu, in Belgium, and Betzdorf, in Luxembourg. From our Redu teleport, we operate GEO satellites and LEO satellites, such as those used for earth observation and scientific satellites. From our Betzdorf teleport, we operate GEO and MEO satellites used for broadcast and broadband services.

We have demonstrated innovative operating skills in flight dynamics and co-location strategies with SES, pioneering the integration of up to eight satellites from different manufacturers into a single orbital slot. Our co-location scheme is now an industry reference for efficient multi-satellite operations at a single orbital position.

Our services include: