Broadband enterprise

Broadband for Enterprise

The success of today’s organizations and enterprises greatly depends on reliable and secure connectivity.

Our broadband solution delivers satellite communication services and connectivity to enterprises no matter where they are. The Broadband for Enterprise solution portfolio is building on the reliability, scalability and cost effectiveness of the Astra Connect consumer broadband platform and service coverage and is adding new capabilities, including a professional VSAT modem and antenna options supporting both Ku- and Ka-band.

Broadband for Enterprise is ideal in the following use cases:

  • as the main connectivity service in case no adequate terrestrial infrastructure is available providing a way to extend the operation to any location
  • as a highly efficient multicasting data/video service for media-rich collaboration services, video conferencing, and financial trading applications
  • as a backup service for the terrestrial network providing business continuity

Service features

  • Flexible up and download speeds
  • IP traffic enhancements for TCP acceleration, pre-fetching and compression
  • Network/Traffic/Application isolation and prioritization via Virtual Router Functionality (VRF)
  • AES encryption with X.509 digital certificates
  • Flexible QoS policies and service package definition with customized CIR/MIR
  • High volume SLA definition or dedicated bandwidth pool
  • VOIP low jitter traffic prioritization
  • Support of IPv4 and IPv6

Key benefits

  • High-speed broadband connection
  • Always-on connectivity for internet and VoIP
  • 4 Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports
  • Compatible with off the shelf BUCs and LNBs
  • Supports large end user populations
  • Ideal for Intranet/Internet access, private networks, VoIP, streaming, content management, telemetry