Broadband Connectivity

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We provide high-speed broadband internet connectivity via satellite. We enable our customers to deliver highly reliable, innovative and cost-efficient broadband internet services to consumers and businesses.

We provide broadband connectivity across geographical and political borders and bridge the Digital Divide. Our solutions complement terrestrial networks by providing households, businesses and institutional bodies with high-speed, reliable broadband internet access. Millions of households and businesses still lack access to high-speed broadband services. It is our mission to improve the digital life of those who are unconnected and excluded from progress and growth. Our innovative and diverse broadband network services have been contributing to Internet provision in remote areas of Europe, Africa and Middle East since 2007. Whether it is for connectivity at high altitudes in the Alps or for e-health and e-education services on the plains of Africa, we can provide the right solution for your specific needs. We are continuously expanding and adapting our service portfolio to meet your needs. Our technology and services will continue to fill the gap where conventional solutions reach their limits.


Our services include: