IOT System

We provide Satellite In-Orbit Testing (IOT), which is an essential activity to ensure satellites perform as designed following their launch, during placement into orbit and, later, while operationally in use.

Our in-house designed IOT system leverages more than 25 years of experience in satellite performance testing and test system design. The IOTS 2000 is a high-end payload testing system which meets the requirements of even the most demanding of customers in regards to performance, automation, flexibility and frequency compatibility.

IOTS 2000 can be tailored to your needs. The systems we can provide range from low-scale transportable stations to large-scale fixed stations. Transportable and fixed stations may be interconnected to support testing in geographically dispersed locations. Automated payload tests and measurements can be conducted from Betzdorf, in Luxembourg, Redu, in Belgium, or any other remote location. All measurements are interactively managed by state-of-the-art software for test preparation, execution and reporting.

Key benefits:

  • A flexible payload test system tailored to your needs
  • A fully automated solution for reduced test time
  • Frequency-agile design supporting frequency bands ranging from L-band to Ka-band
  • Seamless integration of fixed and transportable stations

An experienced engineering team to support the execution of your test campaign.