Center of Arc

 Cable operators have a long history of receiving premium cable programming on the SES Western Arc cable satellites and are increasingly accessing the SES Center Arc cable satellites to receive regional sports networks and additional national programming. As cable programmers look to expand their programming lineups, the Center Arc cable satellites will increasingly become the home to premier national programming.

To ensure that all cable operators have 100% visibility of SES' expanding Center Arc cable programming lineup, SES is implementing the SES Center Arc Antenna Program, a fully funded initiative for cable operators with head-ends that are not currently accessing the Center Arc cable satellites.

This program will provide — at no charge to cable operators — the antenna equipment needed to receive programming on all three of the Center Arc cable satellites to ensure full access into all five of SES' cable programming satellites.

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Bronnie Fisher Fiely
Director of Regional
Business Development,

Steve Corda
Vice President,
Business Development,
North America