Start your expansion in Africa with SES now

Africa is a continent filled with opportunity. To make the most of this growing business landscape, SES is working to actively grow its coverage and presence in Africa to establish new opportunities to connect customers, employees and TV audiences.

Whether you’re a telecommunications company, an enterprise, a governmental agency, a public entity, or a broadcaster, SES has the expertise and knowledge to connect you to more customers across Africa.

SES Assets in Africa

SES is dedicated to developing the African continent, with local offices and regional knowledge that ensure you connect with more viewers, wherever they are.

Our 10 satellites covering the continent combine with our global teleport network will ensure your business thrives as you expand your network reach and services into this new market.

Our three regional offices in Africa – in Johannesburg, Accra and Addis Ababa – ensure we respond to the individual market conditions in south, west and east Africa, while our teleports in Accra, Lagos and Djibouti link Africa to the rest of the world.

SES Assets Worldwide

As the world’s leading video and HD platform, SES delivers digital TV to more than 291 million homes and nearly 1 billion people worldwide.

We enable our broadcasting customers to deliver more than 6,500 TV and radio channels to global audiences, with more than 1,800 TV channels in HD.

SES provides direct-to-home broadcasting as well as feeds for cable, IP networks, and digital terrestrial TV networks. We offer both full-time video contribution and occasional use, for example, for large live events.

Beyond satellite capacity, our value-added services include full support along the technical value chain for the preparation and transmission of content via linear and non-linear platforms, over the internet and to mobile devices.

Why work with SES?

  • SES is the leading global satellite operator with in-depth knowledge of the African market via our local teams
  • We deliver powerful and reliable satellite capacity to help you reach new customers and increase your market share
  • We offer end-to-end DTH solutions to our partners, using our in-house expertise in areas that range from content management to distribution via different infrastructures
  • We offer a wide range of data platform solutions for enterprise communications, governments and institutions, including bi-directional broadband internet solutions, DVB, SCPC and VNO services
  • Our global teleport networks act as the gateway to our satellite fleet. Leveraging our teleports reduces your investment in Earth station equipment
  • Our technical experts and engineering services deliver consultancy services, a turn-key ground system, and maintenance and operations services to customers from various industries
  • Affordable, low-latency and high-bandwidth connectivity through our investment in O3b, a next-generation satellite constellation



*Source: © 2014 African Economic Outlook
*Source: © 2014 African Economic Outlook