Reaching new audiences

In 1980, only 28% of the African population lived in cities. Today, 40% of the continent’s 1.1 billion people live in urban environments, with projections of 50% of the population dwelling in urban centres by 2030.

Yet that still leaves hundreds of millions of people living far from access to terrestrial fibre networks.

More than 25 million TV households in West Africa will migrate to digital by June 2015

As the region turns a greater focus to infrastructure and prepares for analogue switch-off, satellite will play a central role in bringing digital TV and communications to the masses. Research shows a direct correlation between a country’s growth in broadband services and growth in GDP.

Yet in land-locked African nations, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa, there is still limited access to the internet due to the cost and difficulties associated with installing terrestrial networks over vast and challenging landscapes.

Since satellite can reach 99% of the continent’s population undeterred by mountains, deserts, jungles or savannah – SES is creating business opportunities that will help our customers reach new audiences, while enabling more people to emerge from poverty.

Digital TV penetration will reach 95.5% by 2018

The continent’s massive population growth, digital migration, and increased spending power will drive demand for premium and unique content, including channels that focus on entertainment, sports, documentaries, national and international news, and programming in French, English, Chinese and Portuguese.

SES has invested heavily in satellites, teleports and local teams to offer the latest broadcasting technology at a cost-effective price. Our new satellite platforms in East and West Africa provide the end-to-end TV infrastructure you need to market your content in Africa.

Our video neighbourhoods in Africa at a glance

SES’ 3 prime video neighbourhoods at 22°W, 5°E and 28.2°E deliver 7 DTH platforms, serving more than 550 TV channels and reaching more than 6 million DTH homes.


  • SES’ prime orbital location for Francophone West Africa
  • Powerful coverage via SES-4
  • Existing viewers from the leading Pay-TV platforms, including Canal+ and TNTSAT Africa


  • Combined Free-To-Air, Free-To-View and Pay-TV digital broadcast platform
  • Sub-Saharan footprint with powerful coverage via SES-5 and ASTRA 4A
  • Expanding digital TV network in East Africa
  • Existing platforms: Zuku, StarSat, Globecast, Open View HD


  • Prime orbital location for Anglophone West Africa
  • Powerful coverage via ASTRA 2F and ASTRA 2G
  • More than 5 million existing viewers receiving more than 35 Free-to-Air channels

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*Source: © 2014 African Economic Outlook
*Source: © 2014 African Economic Outlook