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Connectivity 2015 - Air, Sea, Surface & Rail: Evolving the New "New Verticals" 19 Feb 2015
20 Feb 2015

Strand Palace Hotel

Join us at the Connectivity 2015 conference to find out more on SES mobility solutions.This year's conference theme 'Evolving the New “New” Verticals – Air, Sea, Surface & Rails' will examine some of the key issues, technological developments, and market trends present on the path to a universal connectivity ecosystem, and on developments in the satellite communications marketplace.

Nick Burrett
Sales Manager
Data & Mobility Services Europe

Tuesday February 19th
Session 2 - 11:15-11:45

In-Flight, At-Sea, Aboard-Train, In-Car: Transportation and the Seamlessly Connected Driver/Passenger – The Role of Satellites in the Transportation Ecosystem
Across fleets of commercial airliners, aboard cruise liners, on trains, and even for cars, buses, and trucks, the technology solutions used to bring earth stations to vehicles/mobile platforms is in rapid development. Each business has its own requirement to support its market pecificities.
Discover the role satellites play in the transportation ecosystem and SES approach to build diverse, tailor made solutions to deliver your unique differentiated solutions.

Conference organised by GVF.