White papers

Here you will find a series of SES white papers on various topics such as innovations, products and services, market demands, new trends and other strategic business topics covering the industry and from within the company.

Sky High Connectivity

Global coverage and innovative satellites propel SES into a new age of air travel.



Satellite Evolution Sparks a Service Revolution

The changing DNA of satellites prompts a landslide of new products and services.

Satellite Captures the Wave of Video Growth

SES is trailblazing the path to the future video ecosystem.



The Vital Hertz: Radio Spectrum

Satellite frequency bands and therefore sharing arrangements with mobile operators should not target these bands.

GEO & MEO: A complementary constellation

SES and O3b Networks offer an essential advantage to customers with a complementary satellite constellation

Ready. Steady. Ultra HD.

The story of why Ultra HD is ready for primetime and why SES is in the pole position

The Big Beam Boom

Aeronautical and Maritime connectivity is about to make its quantum leap into the 21st century as the trend in passenger demand for connectivity shows exponential growth.

Creating Space - The Satellite Revolution

Satellites are on the Rise:
A proven technology that has built a stunning track record over more than a generation is now making another quantum leap into a new era of connectivity.

Satisfying Insatiable Demand with Infinite Choice

Entering the Zettabyte Era:
Satellite plays a key role in future hybrid communication networks

Reach audiences on multiple devices

Satellite proven most powerful gateway to deliver content and connectivity throughout the home. SES plays an integral role in helping broadcasters reach multiple screens.  

SES: saving lives and livelihoods by satellite

The Haiti earthquake in 2010 and the chaos that characterised the immediate response moved a consortium of companies to organise and develop a rapid response solution for global disaster relief and humanitarian missions.