Welcome to Your SES

Your SES is a secure online platform giving you access to a wealth of tools, data and resources to help you manage different aspects of working with SES.

For customer, Your SES has been designed to meet your business needs. That means you can get the very latest updates on your satellite coverage and access commercial documents wherever you need them.

For partners, Your SES provides you with a wealth of data & resources to faciliate your interactions with SES.


Tools & data for your satellite services

All the latest data and information on your services, including useful tools for managing access to our satellites:

  • Common link budget
  • Earth station pointing
  • Antenna registration
  • Saturation flux density
  • Sun outage data
  • Occasional use booking

  ...and many others. For more details view Extranet leaflet


Your SES hub

Manage your SES services and personal account in a secure online place

  • Personal and customised access and content
  • Change your password
  • Manage your personal data

Access to the SES asset library

Whatever you are looking for - find it in our asset library

  • Documents
  • Images
  • Videos

As well as access to Market Research data.