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IN FOCUS: James Trevelyan, Sales Director at Arqiva, shares his insights on some of the challenges and opportunities in store in 2014, and the relentless demand for data:

What does Arqiva see as the biggest areas of growth in the mobility and enterprise satcoms markets?

I share the growth predictions set out by Euroconsult, NSR and others in the principal mobility markets. M2M is also an exciting prospect which Arqiva plans to support with a hierarchy of communication technology sets.  As we begin the rollout of smart meters to 10 million homes in the UK, VSAT will provide a backhaul option for millions of bytes of data, collected from people’s homes on our long range radio network, for backhaul to the core.

How are Arqiva collaborating in this arena?

My team works very closely with SES to determine the best performing footprints our customers need to ensure that their critical data reaches its destination as economically as possible. We often work jointly on multiple projects for our customers, as well as their customers, and for services that SES uses to monitor and control its spacecraft visible from the UK.

O&G is a fast growing area. What projects are you working on?

This year, in the midstream distribution sector, we will upgrade the communications systems our customers use to control and measure the flow and quality of gas on what is classed Critical National Infrastructure (CNI). We expect to replace some legacy UHF networks with VSAT whilst maintaining a diverse suite of communications technologies in order to maximise resilience and cost effectiveness.

In the upstream sector, across all geographies, there seems to be a requirement to increase throughput every 6 to 18 months. It sounds easy but there can be any number of technical or commercial limitations that can make these simple requests challenging. We already operate links very efficiently so this can only mean we will require more space segment.

Pre-production activity offshore can be a very mobile environment and it requires a lot of planning to manage connectivity to assets that regularly relocate between oil patches. Their mobile nature can challenge the economics of our business and so we strive for extremely high utilisation levels.

What key industry developments/shifts are you anticipating in 2014?

When I reflect on our industry I am usually taken aback by the rate of change. M&A activity is constant and technical innovation continues apace. Expect more of both this year. Could 2014 be the year that satellite system convergence really takes off?  The increased volume of data consumed is a given and as a general rule we should prepare to provide more for less.

Can you share with us your personal goal?

Say sorry when I am wrong; say nothing if I am right.