Engineering Insights

SES sales engineering team continually strives to work ever closer with our customers to deliver the best support available, providing those who rely on our fleet with the services they need when they need it. We have kicked off 2014 in high gear as we prepare to go live with a number of important projects that will help us support our customers better than ever.

 Our driving goal for this year is to make doing business with SES easier. You can look forward to improved resource management, quicker reaction times, and improved technical and business analysis.

We are in the process of launching several new engineering tools designed to help us ensure that our space and ground segment resources are managed and used with maximum efficiency.

We will shortly launch OneSatPlan, our new centralised platform for monitoring and maximising efficiency across our entire network.

Monitoring every transponder across all of our 55 satellites is no easy feat. Customers often need to change their transmission plans at short notice. Similarly, new services can be required ad hoc, which means that we need to dynamically re-allocate capacity and resources on the fly – always with the aim of meeting the needs of our customers as swiftly as possible so they can get on with their business.

Thanks to OneSatPlan, our team can take an accurate snapshot of precisely what’s happening on any particular video or data service or across a whole transponder. So now we can more rapidly identify where available capacity may be, and make that capacity available to our customers. It also allows us to relocate services and provide associated link budgets quickly. The entire capacity planning function will be faster, our reaction times will improve, and new services can be activated more rapidly.

Ultimately this means that you will benefit from quicker reaction times where processing of transmission plans, potential configuration changes and bandwidth availability are concerned.

On top of this, customers in the Middle East can look forward to our inaugural SES Technical Academy event, to be held in Dubai on March 9 and 10. This event will be held just prior to CABSAT 2014, the most important industry event in the Middle East region.

The SES Technical Academy serves as an ongoing platform for the exchange of ideas to foster greater innovation, growth and provide the opportunity for a collaborative and interactive approach to learning more about the satellite engineering field.

There will be a full conference programme with technical presentations, regional market overview, and SES will share our innovation roadmap, including updates and insights on antenna development, baseband technology among other important technical topics.

Anyone interested in attending the SES  Technical Academy is welcome to contact any member of our team to find out more.

In parallel, we will continue to leverage the established SLBT (SES Link budget Tool) with new enhancements to bring about improved mapping, reporting and analysis capabilities.

Additionally, SES customers can look forward to new capabilities on our extranet. We will be revamping the extranet in order to provide greater support and make it easier and more accessible for your use. You can look forward to an improved navigation, better user interface alongside easy to find documentation and procedures.

These are but just a snapshot of what we are doing in 2014 to help make it easier for you to access SES and tap into our network for support.

We welcome your feedback and ideas so that we can tailor these tools and make them more effective for your use.