SES’ new ‘second screen’ app brings ‘me TV’ to life

Neill Henderson

Neill Henderson

“Watching TV” no longer just means the TV in the living room. People are increasingly watching content - like new over the top (OTT) services - on their tablets and phones, both at home and away. And now they can also watch Satellite TV wherever they are, using SAT>IP.                               

Whether free-to-air or pay, DTH service providers face the almost-impossible challenge of understanding constantly-changing consumer behaviour.

SES Web and E-Marketing Manager Neill Henderson says: “Viewers today expect to watch TV on their own terms, accessing their favourite content, whenever and wherever they choose.”

Imagine offering subscribers the ability to programme their DVR, consult a user-friendly programme guide, and get informed content recommendations, as well as watch satellite TV – all from their tablet.

Henderson shares how the new SES Satellite TV ‘second screen’ app makes all this possible.

“The new SES Satellite TV App can help a DTH TV service provider really give viewers exactly what they want today.”

What does the SES Satellite TV App do?

Henderson explains:” The App fulfils three roles: First it helps viewers plan their viewing using a modern EPG and an advanced recommendation engine that suggests programmes based on their likes and dislikes.”

“This helps make TV really personal, and takes content discovery to a whole new level of enjoyment,” he adds.

The app can also extend the live TV experience – you can watch live sport or news on your tablet with the same high level of quality you expect from satellite TV. And everyone in the household benefits. Says Henderson: “With a second screen to complement the first screen in the living room, multiple viewers can access live TV simultaneously anywhere in the home.”

It’s also like having a hotline to your DVR at home, Henderson adds: “If on the road, you realise you forgot to record a programme, you can send an instruction remotely to your DVR – without it even needing an internet connection.”

Rule Number One – the Customer is King

Digital terrestrial TV providers, cable operators, telcos, ISPs, connected TV set manufacturers, mobile network operators, and other kinds of IP-based service providers are all vying for the attention of consumers' eyes, and wallets.

By offering added-value services like the SES Satellite TV App, DTH providers can differentiate from competitors, and keep customers happy.

Additional revenue opportunities

The new app can generate extra revenue for DTH providers in a number of ways:

“First, they can sell it in an App Store. Second, content can be offered on an OTT basis, either as a subscription model or pay-as-you-go,” explains Henderson.

In addition, in-app advertisements - for products and services, as well as upcoming programmes - can further boost the bottom line.

“The app’s recommendation engine suggests content viewers might like. Once a viewer’s interest is piqued, they can instantly purchase via the app. This means extra opportunities for selling additional services, pay-per-view, or other content-monetisation.”

The app can be designed to reflect the operator’s brand, whatever the language and can be optimised for any business model, however many channels offered.

The app is quick to launch; depending on requirements, it can be deployed in as little as six weeks, Henderson adds.

Putting viewer choice centre stage

SES’ Satellite TV App can sit at the hub of a complete entertainment and lifestyle proposition.

“With competing services and technologies trying to entice today’s savvy consumer, a differentiating tool like the SES Satellite TV App can help keep DTH top-of-mind with existing and future viewers,” concludes Henderson.