Tickets, money, passport…and now TV and Broadband too

Whether on business or summer holidays, these days travellers want to be able to communicate with the office, with friends and family. Savvy flyers also expect onboard entertainment that is as engaging as their smart TV or games console at home.

From cockpit communications to cabin applications and the latest in-flight entertainment to videoconferencing with family at home and watching the latest movies on board a ship, SES’s global network enables you to deliver the seamless coverage your customers expect.


SES, a leader in direct to home TV entertainment, with its global fleet of satellites, also provide the coverage you need to deliver voice and data via broadband that meet the unique challenges of the maritime and commercial aviation.

Staying connected in the air

In 2012, nearly 2700 commercial airliners worldwide had on-board connectivity, a 60% increase on 2011. Consumer expectations and demand for inflight bandwidth – and a world class inflight entertainment (IFE) experience – will only grow.

What airlines need, SES has - reliable global Ku-band coverage that supports all international flight paths, and the global satellite/teleport footprint to enable seamless in-flight connectivity.

Leading IFE players have taken notice.

On September 9, Panasonic Avionics and Hughes Network Systems announced major agreements to use SES’ newest satellite, SES-6, to connect passengers aboard transatlantic flights.

High power Ku-band mobility beams over the Atlantic will help passengers and crew enjoy high-speed internet, voice, and live TV on their smartphones, tablets or laptops.

And only the following day, Gogo announced that SES’ teleport services and expertise will extend its inflight broadband reach over North America, the North Atlantic and Europe.

With these providers on-board, SES-6 is set to become a go-to platform for trans-Atlantic coverage, a key part of SES global network, helping service providers develop new opportunities and reach new markets.

Hoist the anchor, set sail, and stay online

But it’s not just about communicating at altitude.

From cruise liners to oil and gas exploration vessels, from luxury yachts to tugboats, maritime businesses need to help crew and passengers stay connected.

SES and partner O3b Networks – part-owned by SES – are helping them do just that.

Maritime satcoms provider KVH will use SES’ AMC-21 satellite to provide high-speed internet and VoIP over its mini-VSAT broadband network to luxury, government and commercial vessels traversing the Caribbean, the Gulf of Mexico and the US Eastern Seaboard.

Also, from 2014, the 8,000 people aboard Royal Caribbean Cruises’ Oasis of the Sea liner will be using capacity on the O3b satellite network for their broadband access.

Typically cruise ship passengers and crew had to struggle with about 4Mbps to serve all the folks onboard. So the hundreds of megabits possible through state-of-the-art satellites is a sea change indeed.

SES continues to invest millions in new state-of-the-art capacity around the world.  In 2015 SES will launch SES-9 a satellite providing incremental capacity over Asia Pacific with dedicated mobility beams to serve vessels traversing the Indian Ocean with the option of using the SES uplink facility and VNO services.

Boosting operational efficiency

SES mobility solutions don’t just make a flight or sea crossing more fun for passengers. The business benefits of always-on, fast connectivity on ships and aircraft are numerous.

Satellite-delivered real-time data enable vessel and cargo surveillance and monitoring, delivering better ship performance and efficiency. Vessel operations managers can make decisions faster, and minimise unproductive downtime. Crew can stay in touch with base office, and with families at home, all improving morale and welfare.

In the meantime, passengers can while away the journey watching TV, emailing, blogging, e-shopping, or tweeting.

So you really can connect with people wherever you are – at home or on the go.


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Panasonic Avionics: