SAT-IP wins Readership award 2013

SES is delighted to announce that the readers of the well renowned German magazine Digitalfernsehen have voted SAT-IP as the greatest innovation in the category “satellite and cable” in the context of the publishers’ Readership awards 2013. 

It is an exciting achievement for us as it proves that consumers recognise SAT-IP as a major step forward in satellite reception.

SAT-IP is a revolutionary technology that converts satellite-delivered programs into Internet Protocol (IP) standard at the point of reception in the home.

Households can therefore receive crystal clear picture quality via their wired or wireless in-home Internet distribution system, not only on the TV screen but also on a large range of IP enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs.

Furthermore, with SAT-IP, SES is aiming to live up to its long known tradition of working to develop broadcast standards. We believe that implementation of SAT-IP will increase linear TV viewing on any device at home.

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