SES-6 succesful launch

SES is very pleased to report the first successful launch in the year 2013: Following yesterday’s lift-off onboard a Proton launcher from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, SES-6 was successfully released into a super-synchronous transfer orbit this morning at 00:49 am GMT.

SES-6 will be the 53rd satellite of our global fleet and will replace NSS-806 at our prime orbital position of 40.5° West, providing significant capacity expansion over North America, Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe, and the Atlantic Ocean region.  The satellite’s expanded Ku-band payload will support DTH platforms, VSAT services and government digital inclusion programmes throughout Latin America. The C-band payload will add incremental capacity to provide continuity of service and expansion capacity for video neighourhoods at this strategic slot over the Americas.