Engineering Insights

"According to recent Comsys reports, the number
of new vessels with stabilized VSAT terminals
has grown by 21% over the past 2 years."

Mobility applications

It is an exciting time for the SES Sales Engineering team, as a growing proportion of our customers are now operating mobility services. Due to the increased demand, the upcoming additions to the SES Mobility portfolio, such as SES-8, and SES-9, combined with recent successful launches, means that the SES fleet continues to provide customers with opportunities to promote innovative mobility services.  

Our well-equipped team is an industry leader in providing creative technical solutions for you, our customers. Recent successful launches, such as SES-6 at 319.5°E, have provided the Sales Engineering team with the opportunity to work even further with maritime and aeronautical providers. The Engineering team has been extensively involved with antenna design manufacturers, hardware vendors and customers to analyze a number of scenarios on the East and West Atlantic beams currently available and has been instrumental in securing numerous aeronautical and maritime contracts for a variety of services on the SES-6 Atlantic beams. Solutions for vessels fitted with 1.0m Seatel antennas transiting from Rotterdam to New York with 8W BUC limitations, were modeled and have now been implemented across a number of vessels.

Creative solutions

The SES Engineering team was recently approached with a request from a customer to operate a 60cm StreamSat Marine VSAT antenna on the West Hemi capacity of NSS-9 at 183°E. We worked with both the antenna manufacturer and customer to confirm the performance of the antenna, and verify that the service would not impact adjacent services. The resulting solution was activation of a spread spectrum service using THISS hardware, providing a high availability, rain fade resilient product. The increased coverage area of the West Hemi wide beam is a major advantage for this customer.

Efficiency - the search for the holy grail

According to recent Comsys reports, the number of new vessels with stabilized VSAT terminals has grown by 21% over the past 2 years. With bandwidth intensive applications becoming the norm, higher data rates are expected, forcing hardware manufacturers to provide product models to support this increased demand.

The SES engineering team has seen a growth in credible stabilized antenna manufacturers and works with them to ensure approval meets with SES specifications.  For example, sub 1m hybrid antennas are now being seriously considered by the market, as this enables customers to offer reduced installation periods, resulting in reduced downtime for maritime operators. An additional advantage, such as limited vessel real estate, is also an important consideration.

As can be seen, the SES Sales Engineering team is available to support a variety of services. We look forward to working with customers, both existing and new, on creative and innovative opportunities enabling you to grow your business.