O3b Update

June 24 2013 will see the most anticipated launch in the satellite industry for years take place, as O3b Networks launches the first four satellites in its eight satellite constellation in just a few weeks. The satellites will lift off from Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana and when operational later this year will provide high bandwidth, low latency, low cost satellite communications to ISPs, Telco, Enterprise and Government customers in regions of the world which are currently underserved by fast and affordable broadband connectivity.

The first four satellites shipped out from the Thales Alenia Space facility in Rome on April 23 and arrived in Kourou, French Guiana a day later. The satellites have now been taken out of their containers and are undergoing a series of tests as part of the final preparations for launch.

The buildup to the O3b launch is gathering momentum and the company’s vision of affordable, high-speed connectivity always being within reach will soon be a reality.

The company has reached $750m in sales backlog having sold in every region: LATAM, Africa, Middle East, Asia and the Pacific; and every product: O3bTrunk, O3bCell, O3bMaritime and O3bEnergy.

Telcom Cook Islands customer atennas installed Satellites unloaded and lined up in Kourou

Customers include Telcom Cook Islands (TCI) where O3b presents a real opportunity for communities on the Cook Islands to have access to broadband communications and to the Internet, which in turn drives social and economic growth in a very tangible and measurable way. O3b has the privilege to play a part in the revolution that the customers of TCI will experience this year. A customer on the Enterprise side is Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines who will be the first ever customer to utilize O3b’s maritime offering, O3bMaritime. Their flagship ‘Oasis of the Seas’ will experience connection speeds that are significantly higher and latency that is four times lower than offered in the current market.

All eyes will be focused on the launch pad in late June as O3b launches its first four satellites to their spots above the equator. Happy customers and world class service, fuelled by industry leading innovation, is a powerful combination. O3b expects to be delivering that combination within a few short months!

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