Aero plus


Keeping airline passengers connected

Millions of airline passengers travel the skies each day with a plethora of devices and no longer want to disconnect for hours at a time while they move from one place to the next. How can you provide seamless connectivity at thousands of feet and hundreds of kilometres per hour?

Our dedicated mobility beams across continents and trans-oceanic flight paths deliver the satellite connectivity you need to keep airline passengers connected, relaxed and entertained. From cockpit communications to cabin applications such as in-flight entertainment or virtual office connectivity, our global network enables you to deliver the seamless coverage your customers expect. We are already working with leading industry Service Providers such as Global Eagle Entertainment, Gogo and Panasonic Avionics, so they benefit from having the right capacity to make their networks more competitive.


The next generation data network for the aeronautical industry

Aero+ was designed to meet the growing demand and requirements of the airline industry on board both commercial airliners and business jets. It combines the strengths of our extensive ground infrastructure together with our global widebeam satellite coverage and our upcoming high-throughput satellites (HTS), to provide you with the global connectivity and higher throughput you need to improve the Quality of Service for your customers' passengers and crew.

You will benefit from:

  • Global coverage for long-haul operators, and regional solutions for short-haul flights
  • Tailored solutions for the aeronautical industry, using our global satellite fleet
  • Flexible, future-proof solutions compatible with new antenna designs
  • A dedicated team with a focus on enhancing the customer experience through new technologies
  • Upcoming HTS capacity that will enable higher data throughputs at a low cost per bit
  • 24/7 network operations centre to ensure high quality of service

Experience the Aero+ advantage on flight paths across land or sea, wherever your customers may go.

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