SES Satellite Fleet and Coverage iPad App

Travel to space, view our satellites in orbit, compare coverage maps spanning the globe, say hello to a friend from 36’000 km above the earth, experience the thrill of 3D navigation and an augmented reality view, all this and more with the SES iPad app. 

Explore and discover interesting facts about our fleet of over 50 satellites via an engaging 3D interface. Navigate 360 degrees around the earth, from satellite to satellite, to view key technical data and our coverage maps in detail.

Compare coverage maps with coverage across the globe reaching over 99% of the world’s population. You can see the list of satellites based on your location both via the 3D view and augmented reality view.

SES Satellite Fleet & Coverage iPad App

Finally, once you have completed your journey of discovering the SES satellite fleet and coverage, send a message from space to a friend or colleague.

The app provides the following features:

- View SES satellite fleet around a 3D globe
- Get key technical data on each satellite
- View and compare the coverage maps of all SES satellites
- See EIRP and dish size contours in graphical format
- Find the fleet in augmented reality view
- Learn about satellites covering any location
- View office and teleport locations
- Get in touch with SES via email
- Live update of satellite fleet additions and changes
- Teleports
- SES offices

You can download the app from the Apple App Store.