Chris Forrester presents "Even Higher"

Chris Forrester introduced "Even Higher”, an exciting new book which takes a holistic view at the future of satellite broadcasting, in London today. Together with other experts of the industry, Chris Forrester, a British journalist with a unique knowledge of the satellite industry, has now published Even Higher following the grand success of High Above, a book previously published which gave a detailed account of the satellite world.

Taking a step further towards the future and looking into the evolution of technology, Even Higher takes you through a journey through space and back and all that comes with it. Industry stalwarts share their views and insights on the opportunities and challenges of the satellite enabled media world and have taken educated guesses as to what the future has in store for us. From the future of broadcasting to fascinating TV and satellite facts and prophesying the media world 25 years from now makes Even Higher an exciting read!

The book takes an in-depth look into the future of satellite broadcasting with the support of editorial contributions from some of the industry’s biggest names and top decision-makers – including top managers from SES and its partners.

Some interesting citations from the book

“While many broadcasters have enthusiastically embraced the new world of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and their local variants, the fact is that these services were barely known just 10 years ago.” - Chris Forrester

Chris Forrester, author of Even Higher

“Not too long ago, forecasters announced that traditional television broadcasting is dead. The most prominent voice among the doomsayers was one of our modern icons, Bill Gates, the great technology pioneer of the 20th century. He predicted that everything – television, internet, videos, applications and e-commerce – will soon converge into a single device: The personal computer.  On the one hand, he was right. This convergence is indeed happening. But it is not happening on the personal computer. In fact, the PC is having an ever harder time prevailing against the upcoming dominance of tablets, laptops and smart phones.” - Ferdinand Kayser, SES, Luxembourg

“The path to a new multi-platform, multi-screen future will not be easy. Dramatic shifts need to take place and that brings new challenges.” - Simon Frost, Ericsson

“We now find ourselves in the middle of a smartphone and tablet revolution, where consumers increasingly – and rightly – expect the content they engage with at home to be available to them on-the-go.” - Robin Crossley, BSkyB

“Broadcasting is going through its greatest evolution since John Logie Baird first demonstrated the potential of TV in the 1920s.” - Mark Hollinger, Discovery Networks International

If you are passionate about the satellite industry and want to read what our experts have say about the past, present and the future of the satellite world, you can buy the book on Amazon which will be available very soon using the ISBN 978-3-00-039949-7

We wish you an enjoyable read travelling through time and learning about new satellite technologies!