SES fleet and coverage now in an iPad app!

SES just made exploring its satellite fleet easier with the new Ipad app. Through an engaging 3D interface, you can navigate 360 degrees around the earth, view our satellites in orbit, compare coverage maps spanning the globe and see our satellites in the sky with an augmented reality view.  Augmented reality view is a camera view of one's surroundings, enhanced with digital information. Travel to space with this latest app and learn more about the history, reach, capacities and much more of our satellite fleet.

Once you’ve completed your journey through space, you can send a message to a friend or colleague from 36.000 km above the earth. The SES Ipad app is really simple to use which makes exploring our satellites in orbit very exciting.

"We are pleased to showcase our fleet and coverage using the capabilities of the iPad, with 3D earth navigation and an augmented reality view," said Niclas Friese Greene, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communications, SES. "This tool illustrates the concept of satellites in space and coverage over the earth, as well as provides information that will enable our customers to learn more about our global fleet. With this new application, we are literally putting our satellite fleet in the hands of our customers."

To find out more about the iPad app, please click here ( or simply scan the QR code below.