Jurandir Pitsch speaks at the SET Congress

Jurandir Pitsch, Vice President Market Development, Latin America and the Caribbean

On Tuesday, August 21st, Jurandir Pitsch, Vice President Market Development, Latin America and the Caribbean participated in the SET Congress panel: “Satellites and Fiber Optic: Global TV Distribution and Contribution”. Brazil will soon host major sporting events, starting with the Confederations Cup in 2013, the Football World Cup in 2014 and the Olympic Games in 2016. Major international satellite operators and fiber optic networks participated in this panel to show Brazil news regarding their new technologies, solutions and services, TV contribution and distribution for these mega sporting events and strength to meet all other demands in the next four years. 

 With five authorized orbital positions in Brazil, SES stands as a strong competitor to satisfy immediate capacity demands for sporting events and rising market demands in Brazil and across Latin America. SES will also support carrier identification technology, allowing satellite operators to quickly locate and solve frequency interference during peak periods of bandwidth transmission. SES satellite capacity will play an important role during these mega sporting events, providing flexible Ku band for the Satellite News Gathering terminals for news and also contribution links as primary or backup from the sports Arenas scattered throughout Brazil. This will be the first time the World Cup will be hosted in 12 different cities, from every corner of Brazil; satellite will be instrumental for the reliability of the communications during the event.

 Amongst our dedicated satellites stands SES-5 providing direct connectivity from Brazil to Africa, Europe and Middle East, for video, VSAT, broadband and mobile applications. SES-5’s comprehensive coverage of these regions is in C-band in which Brazilian companies will be able to serve Africa, Europe and Middle East directly from their hubs.

 SES-6 is poised to become a bigger and powerful successor to the region’s premier media community for Spanish and Portuguese-speaking markets across Latin America at 319.5 East. SES’ NSS-806 satellite currently holds that coveted title and prime location, reaching over 22 million subscribers with more than 200 channels tailored to regional audiences. SES-6 will provide an additional 540MHz of C-band capacity and 48 transponders of Ku-band capacity to the Latin American and Caribbean markets.

 For more information on SES-6 payloads and coverage, please email:latinamericasales@ses.com

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