ASTRA 2F arrives at the Guiana Space Centre, Kourou

Enhancing capacity for Europe, Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa

SES is preparing its 52nd satellite, the ASTRA 2F, for launch at the European spaceport  in French Guiana.  The satellite arrived in Kourou on August 21st and is scheduled to launch at the end of September.

The multi-mission satellite will be located at 28.2 degrees East and carry Ku- and Ka-band payloads for the delivery of high performance Direct-to-Home (DTH) and next generation broadband services in Europe, Middle East and Africa. 28.2 degrees East is one of SES' prime orbital positions.  It delivers programming to almost 13 million satellite homes and over three million cable homes, 700,000 IPTV homes in the UK and Ireland, as well as broadcasting numerous channels of growing DTH-platforms in sub-Saharan Africa. ASTRA 2F is the first of 3 replacement satellites for the 28.2E neighbourhood, with ASTRA 2E and ASTRA 2G following in 2013 and 2014.

ASTRA 2F also features a Ka-band payload that will further enhance SES' Broadband service. SES Broadband today is Europe's most popular satellite broadband system. The Ka-band payload will support an even higher quality of service and higher throughput.