Our 51st Satellite SES-5 Successfully Launched!

Our 51st satellite, SES-5, taking off from Baikonur! Photo credit: Courtesy ILS International Launch Services, Inc.

It's celebration time once again at SES! Our 51st satellite SES-5 lifted up into orbit, roaring into space on board an ILS Proton Breeze M booster at 00:38:30 am Baikonur time 20:38:30 CET and 14:38:30 EDT on July 9th, 2012. After a 9-hour, 12-minute mission, the Breeze M upper stage of the Proton rocket successfully released the SES-5 satellite directly into geostationary transfer orbit.

Our 51stsatellite, SES-5, offers ideal coverage over Sub-Saharan Africa and the Nordic and the Baltic regions in Europe. It features 24 Ku-band and 28 C-band transponders and is a new addition to the current fleet of 8 satellites already serving Africa. SES-5 high-powered Ku-band Payload will bring enhanced capacity to Africa and is ideal for supporting DTH services. Discover how SES-5 can support your business.

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