Satellite 2012: Celebrating partnerships

Celebrating Partnerships

SES’ Satellite 2012 reception brings together global customers

Customers from around the world gathered at the SES office in Washington DC to celebrate their partnership with SES. Six months into the official launch of brand SES, clients have developed a newfound taste for a new level of seamless coverage and responsiveness.

Customers are impressed with SES’ major fleet investment initiative that’s lighting up the launch pad at a record pace. For many clients here at Satellite 2012, fourteen new satellites lifted into orbit in a two-and-a-half year span equates to much needed new capacity over established and emerging markets. Eurovision is counting on SES more and more to deliver coverage of world news and sporting events.

SES customers made the trek to Satellite 2012 from countries as diverse as the markets and communities they serve. But they all shared a few things in common while here in Washington DC. They took the opportunity to catch up, celebrate and map out their strategies for a successful future with SES.